Playonlinux will not install a 64bit Program

Using MATE 2024.04/64bit and want to install Irfanview 64bit ver4.62 to run under Playonlinux. The following are installed as seen by Synaptic: libwine, wine, wine-stable, wine64. Also present and installed: 1) via POL are wine 5.0 and 6.0 as seen in Playonlinux, 2) via Synaptic, wine64-preloader.


  • Playonlinux (POL) installed
  • open POL
  • Install a program> Install a non-listed program
  • POL Wizard (POL-W) pop-up #1>Next
  • POL-W pop-up #2 (does not fully open so can only see 4 lines of pop-up)
  • Next
  • POL-W pop-up #3: Manual Installation (again, can only see 4 lines of pop-up)>Next>Installl a program in a new virtual drive
  • Next
  • enter “Irfanview64bit”
  • Next
  • POL-W #4 (again, can only see two of more options) – selected none
  • Next
  • POL-W #5: select “64 bits window installation”
  • Next
  • Msg “Please wait while virtual drive is being created”
  • Winecfg pop-up
  • POL-W pop-up #6: “Manual Installation”
  • browse to executable, “i_view64.exe> select it>open
  • Next (i_view64.exe shows on POL-W “Manual Installation” page
  • Irfanview opens and is fully functional. BUT after closing, it has not been installed?
    - Close Irfanview
  • POL pop-up: “Please choose a file for POL to make another shortcut>Browse>

I tried the first process to install an application suggested at “PlayOnLinux 64-bit problems on Ubuntu 22.04, but I encountered many error messages.

So what am I missing? The fact that Irfanview will run with POL suggest to me I am very close to an install, and just missed a switch or additional step?

I am on Mint right now but this should be in the Ubuntu Mate repository too:


Checked it is in the Ubuntu Mate repository. I couldn't get 64 programs to work either but that did the trick for me.

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Thanks for the suggestion - wine64-preloader was not installed, so I installed it from Synaptic. But no luck, problem remains. I also did a reinstall of POL case POL needed something from it.

I don't know anything about irfanview. Does it need Microsoft .netframe?

I have never successfully installed a program that needs it. Garmin's Express (updater) does, along with a lot of other programs.

No, I do not believe so. Irfanview is a free, intuitive, photo manipulator - does not do GIMP things.

  1. Another thing that is bothersome, I googled but got no answers, is that the pop-ups do not fully open. That is, there are lines of options at the bottom of the pop-up which I cannot see. Makes me wonder if there is a selection that I need to use but not available to me.

  2. I also want to get ACAD2000 (32bit) to work on 2024.04, but have chosen to focus on Irfanview first. ACAD2000 will not print under wine in 2024.04 and I attribute that to newer wine versions. So POL seemed like a good choice since easy to select earlier wine versions.

  3. frustrating. I also posted at Ubuntu Forums, but no responses.

  4. I do not know how it happened, but I did get Notebook to install with POL, with a desktop launcher!!!! So POL does work. Just cannot figure out what is finicky about it trying to get Irfanview to work?

  5. The "POL Manual Installation" screenshot shows the truncated pop-up. I would like to know what the complete pop-up shows? I wonder if Irfanview is listed, but doesn't show because of the "truncation"? There are more lines below "wmplayer.exe". Could you please post what your view of this pop-up shows?
    Screenshot at 2024-05-19 12-13-12

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