Please fix the Raspberry Pi download files and SHA hashes!

Something is wrong with the file names and hashes on the download pages to the point where it is impossible to know whether a downloaded file is the correct one.

At Raspberry Pi 64-bit selection you get two choices:

18.04.0 and 20.04

File and hashes are listed as:




The files and hashes you get when downoaded (Many tries!!):



Furthermore, for 32-bit 20.04 you have this correct combo listed with a duplicate hash from one of the other files:

That last one is the only correct combination.

Downloading the 64-bit RPi image (233...) and running on an 8GB Rpi4 gets a crash early in initialization but I can't really even report a bug since I have NO IDEA if I am using a valid file.

I'm having total failure trying to get groovy gorilla running on my pi4 8gb. The sha256sum matches what I downloaded. I use dd to setup the SD card (like I do with most OSs) but results in an immediate crash screen complaining that several files weren't found or no dos partitions of some such catastrophic failure. The Pi4 works fine with other OSs I've loaded, this one though, is a real troublemaker. Really wanted to give this a go!

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Hey Philip! Welcome to the community and I'm so sorry you're having those issues. Have you tried another program to setup the SD card, like ddrescue or GNOME Disk Utility? I just installed groovy on a Pi400 today using the latter, and it booted okay. Here's a link on the website that might help, if you haven't seen it already!

Thank you for the reply! I did solve the issue by using a different OS to do the flashing. I did get Groovy Gorilla running but was disappointed in its performance as well as the look and feel. Just kinda of a clumsy mobile app kind of a release. I moved on to Manjaro and, I really it!

No worries! Would love to get more feedback to know how we can improve the release for 21.04 - I'm going to be trying to use my Pi 400 running groovy as a daily-ish driver for a week or so, but would definitely like to hear what other people's pain points are specifically, if you felt like sharing. I am glad you found something that worked for you, even if it isn't Ubuntu MATE this time around!