Please provide a list of SD cards supporting Ubuntu Mate

Please provide list on SD Cards (Class and size) with the exact name of the micro SD card name by manufacturer.

I bought a Scandisk 8GB Class 10 MicroSD card unfortunately. I had this error during boot up.

vfs unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(179 2)

found few links for solution but not with a Ubuntu MATE as OS on their mind.


One constant solution they provided was change the MicroSD card being used.

There is a link below here users update which card is working on Raspberry Pi, where i found help but not specially for Ubuntu MATE


SanDisk microSDHC 32GB Class10 Model Number: SDSDQUAN-032G-G4A seems to work for Ubuntu MATE.

Please help guys.

I have a couple microSD cards labelled as "SanDisk microSDHC UHS-I 32GB Class 10 with Speed up to 48MB/s 320x" and they are working fine on my RPi2 devices until today.

Try firing the following command on the shell prompt (everything on the same line)

cd /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc?/mmc?:* && echo "man:$(cat manfid) oem:$(cat oemid) name:$(cat name) hwrev:$(cat hwrev) fwrev:$(cat fwrev) type:$(cat type) date:$(cat date)" && cd $PWD

and share the results. In one of my Sandisk cards I have the following output:

man:0x000003 oem:0x5344 name:SL32G hwrev:0x8 fwrev:0x0 type:SD date:05/2015

Hope you did not buy one of these fake cards :grinning:

As far as I know any class 6 or class 10 microSDHC card should work.

Did you check the SD card with sudo fsck.ext4 -fy /dev/sdx?

Replace sdx with the appropriate drive, like /dev/sda1

man:0x00001b oem:0x534d name:00000 hwrev:0x1 fwrev:0x0 type:SD date:07/2016

It’s a Samsung Class 10 32GB card recommended with the Raspberry Pi 3 kit on Amazon. It’s been running for nearly a month now.

I have installed Ubuntu Mate in this Samsung Card and doing very well, at an affordable price, although Sony and Toshiba have made faster and cost twice cards. regards....