Poll: Which webcam application should be default?

Which webcam application should be included by default in Ubuntu MATE?

Cheese was the default until late in the 15.04 cycle when I replaced it with guvcview in an effort to reduce the size of the iso images but it didn’t change the size drastically in the end.

  • Cheese
  • guvcview
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I think Cheese is super basic, sometimes can’t detect webcams and it annoys me that you can not remove the GUI elements. On the other hand, guvcview has pretty much worked with every webcam I have given it, lots of controls and doesn’t force excessive GUI elements on the viewer.

My vote = guvcview

guvcview takes my vote.

GucView seems to be a better smart and very functional choice…works with almost all different types of brand cameras…and if you happen to think of one’s laptop use of web cameras is still very small…and Gucview does the job.

I vote for GuvcView .

GucView doesn’t work with my laptop webcam… Oddly, my webcam works with Skype for Linux though.

I’m using a Dell Vostro 5470