Poll: Wobbly Windows?

I vote no, make it a Tweak item so that those who feel the need for such diversions can find and enable it if desired…

I’ve thought about this a bit more and, on reflection, i think it is a good thing to include Compiz in 15.04 if only to entice light, everyday PC users who may be influenced by a bit of eye candy. As for whether it is enabled by default or not makes no difference to me, so long as the capacity to switch from one to the other is easy.

So, here is the latest Compiz update. I have continued to refrain from enabling Wobbly Windows in the MATE Compiz profile, despite the way the polls are leaning today :wink:

Good progress has been made. I’ve now got live Compiz/Marco switching working in the live session running under Virtualbox. I’ve also been talking with the Linux Mint team to share what I’ve learned so they can benefit. I think I am just about ready to open up testing to you brave souls who have Ubuntu MATE 14.04 and 14.10 installed. I’ll post details soon…


Briliant. I’ve give it a test run as soon as it’s available.

Ready when you are… 14.04 here with lspci reporting:

0:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09)

Wobbly here. I’d get bored without 'em :wink:

Although I voted no, I think that the option should be there for everyone. They are not really my thing, but they would definitely attract people to the distro. Good marketing strategy, if you will.

But if I had my druthers, I wouldn’t even make Compiz available in my distro’s repos. I’m a joik like that. lmao

Since I am looking for a clean and sleak desktop (and UM seems to do a good job here), it would be one of the first things that I turn off after turning compiz on. Even the cube. It’s just too much imho. Back in the good old days I was playing around alot with those fancy whistles and blings.

But nowadays it seems like the mature guy inside me is calling for a functional and more flat desktop without that stuff that goes wild, just because you move some windows or try to switch the workspace :grinning:

I like Wobbly windows but I don’t think it should be set to “On” by default as some people with older graphics cards might not appreciate it!. :smiley:

So I will have to vote “No” for their sakes!..

I agree with that statement. But if the hardware is truly that relic, Compiz doesn’t need to be on at all. Basic compositor that MATE offers should suffice. I’d personally like to see Compton as an option as well. Just barebone basic animations. Compiz can be a nuisance to work with, although it’s amazing when you iron everything out.

I use Compiz with Ubuntu Mate but I don’t do it for eye candy. I do it to remove the tearing when moving windows around.

I’m pretty sure marco, if enabled, will eliminate that tearing as well.

Nope, I’ve tried Marco with compositing enabled, tearing is there. On my hardware the only thing that fixes it is to use a GPU accelerated window manager.

Marco is a GPU accelerated window manager (when compositing is enabled) as far as I am aware (though I could be wrong about that). Irrespective, I do accept that is has not stopped video tearing on your particular rig. On mine, it has eliminated it as equally well as Compiz and I have found this to be the case on a number of other machines I use as well.

It should be apparent by now, that I am a fan of Marco over Compiz. Not because I have a problem with Compiz in principle. But because, in practice, I have persistenly found it to be buggy as hell. Whereas Marco, although posessing far fewer eye candy effects, is extremely stable and performs what, for me, is it’s central functionality; the elimination of video tearing.

Like I said, if marco is not doing the job for you, I can well see why you might use compiz. However, given my own more positive experience with marco and less than positive expereince with compiz, I guess I would recommend others try marco first before using compiz if their only reason for having either of them was to improve video.

Nope, marco is a CPU compositor.

Thanks for the clarification Martin. Nevertheless, it seems to have solved my video tearing issue. Might this be because I’ve got a very new CPU and so marco makes best use of it vis-a-vis streaming video? I’m just curious.

Also, while on the subject of marco versus compiz, I reported a bug on compiz on another thread that went unanswered. It concerns when I have compiz enabled, the windows buttons on the top right dissapear after a minute or two and the only way to get them back is to disable compiz and then immediately re-enable it. However, a couple of mins later the same problem occurs. I’d be grateful if someone could indicate if they had experienced this problem and how they rectified it. So long as it persists, compiz is basically unusable for me.

I too suffer some instabilities with Compiz. Works perfect for a while, then at some point in the day crashes OpenGL accelerated applications. Screen goes flickers out of control.
So until I find a solution, using Marco. Works well for me, as I have no tearing. Well there probably is a faint tear moving windows, but it’s not noticeable for me.

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@stevecook172001 and @11ryanc What GPU and drivers are you using? I’ve not experienced these issues on Intel and nVidia with thier proprietary driver.

AMD/ATI Radeon R7200 card using the proprietry AMD/ATI graphics driver.