Poll: Would you use an alternative Ubuntu MATE "basic" image?

@gravy45 It is a curated boutique for a relatively small selection of applications that integrate well with MATE and offer best in class features and user experience.

Casual users find the choice in the Linux eco system overwhelming, this is a way to help people find applications to get stuff done. We may need some sort of editorial team to maintain this but I will start it off small and simple before starting to write any applications to support it.

It’s hard to be critical of MATE as being “too bloated” or “too complicated” but I do believe that users should offered a simple, robust distro with the basics and the option to customize and enhance to the heart’s content. I would be loathe to see MATE’s elegance complicated by a features “arms race” for the purposes of “competing” for users with other distros.

The proliferation of distros bristling with advanced capabilities provides so many choices for the advanced user.

I chose MATE because I value clean, minimalist, and functional design over bells and whistles.

Thanks for building it, Martin!

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I’m new for Ubuntu-Mate, just exposed for some days ago.
Maybe it coud be nice to choose in the installation ??
I dont know if it is possible, or not… ??


I seriously don’t see the point why I would need it since I basically always “burn” the ISO on a USB-stick with dd - life can be easy :wink:

I would love a “bare-bones” Ubuntu MATE. Keeps me from uninstalling stuff I don’t use or need, although I have plenty of space, I just can’t help myself. :slight_smile:

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An application to support it could well be a simple webbrowser. One that just opens the website for installing curated software.

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I think so, however did not vote as not familiar w/ ‘mini.iso’ or basic meta yet.
Being new to Ub MATE like Chris K. aka NMouse. Have used Open Source OS(s) (Kubuntu on my laptops) for years.
All I need is a desktop to display a screen so I can navigate to;
A web browser (prefer G Chrome, however appears arm not play well then),
Word Processing (LibreO is fine, normally I use Apache Open O though)
Updates via ‘apt’ are icing on my cake! Wimpy Martin W., TY 4 asking!
Looking for a lite OS that M$ users feel comfortable with to do Word stuff. DaH

I ticked the “Sometimes” option. At home, I would use the “Standard” iso image at home but I can see “Cloudtop” users and company IT systems (with their own applications) going nuts for a “basic” install. If you can make the image less than the size of a CD, this may be popular too.

Just wondering if these are a sure thing and when they will be available. Anybody know?

I am going to approach the Ubuntu Foundations team this week to see if we can progress the creation of an alternative “basic” image.


I really hope this becomes a thing. My recommendation is to keep the customizations, even without all the default apps. For example, keep the Ubuntu MATE themes/tweaks so that way it feels like a more polished experience, but then we could use whatever apps we want. Personally, I find myself removing a great deal of applications after a fresh install of Ubuntu MATE, so this would simplify my installations quite a bit. Would you need any help with testing or anything else to get this release done, should you choose to create it?


I may use a striped down version but I do like the themes & tweek tool. I actually use most of the apps installed. They are a good group. However I use mate on a limited system so I get rid of things I don’t use. I have noticed that since 14.04 I get a warning when removing some apps that it may break the system. I usually get rid of a mess of fonts because I hate having to scroll through them all just to use the few I do use, however now I get that warning. I ignored that once and later had trouble with my keyboard keys being improperly assigned. It might have been unrelated.


I 'd use a basic image for sure, in some hardware and old bi-architecture machines. I think this basic image could also help some specific DIY home Pcs or Linux Os builders and sellers so as to make fresh experimental units ( for gamers, for developers, for business or productivity users, or for new experimental projects extended to community or educational services)

The best

I would use the “basic” image and install my own apps, but it would be cool as well to have an options menu on the website so each individual could customize and pick and choose apps they want and download that image to install i.e. the website creates the image with the options they select.

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