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Hi Ubuntu friends :grin: Everytime i boot my PC,i get this pop up window notification,really dont know what it is,ideas,suggestions ??? Thanks a lot for the comments :wink:

That’s probably because you set the backup location as “Amazon S3” in the backup settings.
(System -> Preferences -> Personal -> Backups -> Storage Location)

Hi @Sexybaldguy,

you can also disable backup in Control Centre > Personal > Startup Applications:


Thanks for your reply @wolfman :+1: Now,i would like to know the use of the feature;my mind is still on windows mode :confused:

Hi @ouroumov,thanks for the reply :smiley: i did stop to receive that pop up notification,but what is the meaning or use of it ??? :open_mouth: is like windows back up or ccleaner back up ???

Hi @Sexybaldguy,

here is a good example using “Aptik”:

@Sexybaldguy, so you had the backup settings set to backup using Amazon Cloud storage for some reason.

What was happening was that the backup service that is supposed to do your backups for you was starting on boot, seeing that it was set to use Amazon cloud backup, but it could not find the credentials for your Amazon account (most likely because you don’t have an Amazon account)

Hence the pop-up: that was the backup service requesting your Amazon credentials so it could start the backup actions.

You can use the backup settings to regularly save the content of some folders onto a given storage location. It handles common cloud storages providers such as Amazon S3, Google Drive, rackspace and so on. You can also configure it to backup to an external drive you plug into your machine, or to use space on other machines you control and can connect to using SSH.

Hi @wolfman

Thanks for be so polite and reply me back :blush: Thanks for explain me what is the meaning of the back up with Amazon;i guess i will not need it cause i dont save pictures or stuff in my PC,anyway if i want to reinstall Ubuntu i did purchase the CD,with Ubuntu OS everything is simpler than with Windows :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a nice weekend !!!

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Thanks for the reply @ouroumov :smile: i guess i will not need any back up as i dont save files or folders on my PC;this Ubuntu OS is really simple and great,i guess i will never go back to Windows OS:relaxed:

Have a great weekend and thanks again for the reply !!!

Hi @Sexybaldguy

Don’t forget to check your solution :slight_smile:

Hi @anon42388993 already did it :stuck_out_tongue: