Pop-ups for minimized windows

After upgrading to the latest Mate and Ubuntu 20.04, minimized windows on the lower toolbar now have content pop-up small windows when I hover over them. Any way to stop this behavior? Thanks!

Just right click on those vertical points located on the left of your first opened window. I circled them in red on this picture:
Capture du 2020-10-05 00-50-28
Then select Preferences and you will find the option to mask the previews.
Hope this helps.

Hi, and thanks very much for the info. But I do not see any vertical points in any window. I am running Mate on top of Ubuntu 20.04.1, and the minimized buttons are on the toolbar at the bottom of my screen.

The three vertical points do exist on your lower panel, which really is not a toolbar. And the points icon (representing the Windows List) should exist between the Show Desktop button (on the far left) and the immediately adjacent to the right minimized window marker. Good luck merlinus.

Edit: Please see this post from last May -

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The points icon does not exist, for me. Is there another way to access the windows_list_preferences.

If it were me, I'd right click on your lower panel (as far left as possible) and select Add to Panel... and then select Window List. That should get you the three dots icon and from there you can control the unwanted pop-up. Thanks for sticking with this merlinus.

Success! I managed to right-click in the space between the Close all Windows and first open app button, and I got a menu that included Preferences.

Thanks very much for your kind assistance! But I still do not see any dots. Perhaps this is due to my panel properties and desktop wallpaper.

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My guess is that the apparent absence of the icon has to do with whatever theme you've chosen. Depending on themes I've selected in the past, I've seen nothing between the Show Desktop Button and an adjacent window (app) marker. At least you now have control over the dreaded pop-up.

I found and disabled this "minimized windows previews" after a LONG SEARCH over internet, and countless hours of tweaking compiz, trying to figure out WHY IN THE HELL it kept showing windows thumbnails if the related plugin was disabled. I never imagined it was coming from I would LOVE to see this setting in MATE Tweak for future user's mental health :). What do you think about it @Wimpy?