"Popup" Dialogs in 22.04

This may appear as a repost as I tried a very similar message earlier but could not see it on the site. I tidied it up a bit and have reposted. Apologies if this offends people

I have seen a couple of these popup dialogs over the past week or two. The one I am currently seeing states


Pending update of "ubuntu-mate-welcome" snap
Close the app to avoid disruptions (12 Days left)

with a small red "x" close dialogue in the top right corner


The last one I saw had similar wording and countdown on an update for Firefox browser snap.

As there has been no discussion that I have seen on this forum and no further instruction in the message about what action should be taken (if any) I am asking here.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

run sudo snap refresh ubuntu-mate-welcome and sudo snap refresh firefox in the MATE Terminal (make sure they are closed first). This will update the two snaps


Thank you Mickee.
That did the trick.