Portable SSD full installation of UM

I am running a full installed 17.04 from an SSD, USD connected to my desktop ASUS AiO. Works fine, once solved initial newbie issues weeks and weeks ago. So, it boots direct from the SSD, although having to go through the Bios each time - but this is not really an issue (rebooting just once in a while and it takes just one more minute)
Can I just unplug the SSD and plug it (still USB) into my Surface Pro and run it ‘as is’ without having to tweak anything in advance ? What do you guys think ? The Surface already boots ‘USB first’. I’ve tested using 17.04 from my bootable flashdrive. Does work fine. Wifi, touch and keyboard & al. (except I didn’t use it for an extended period of time each time).

I’m asking this since I’ll be travelling for an extended period. Will need to connect and work on a daily basis. In my dream, the Surface and the SSD in a pack, easy plug in and boot, would do the job for me - since working with/from my usual desktop install, not from the flashdrive version. Don’t want to install dual boot on the Surface as of yet (not experienced enough and don’t want the risk of ‘screwing-it up’ just before leaving).
Although at some point I know I’ll wipe out Win10 from the Surface and get into UM fully. No way back.

I checked on AskUbuntu but didn’t find anything that would answer that question of mine, really. Lots of semi answers since trying to solve issues/problems after the fact and/or with some answers dating back to 2013… so nothing with a Surface Pro in mind…

All of your ‘watch this’, ‘look at that’, ‘beware of…’ of any kind will be welcome.

Thanks ! (in advance)

The surface-pro is going to have slightly different hardware, which is fine IF the image you’re booting contains all the drivers needed by the surface-pro.

Dunno, i’d just try it and see if the surface-pro will boot the linix image.

So I guess the drivers should not be the issue, if any.

What I want to avoid really is the Surface or Win to screw up the SSD and make it unusable after that and force me to reinstall back to square one (all the programs, etc)

I haven’t kept up with Windows since i walked away from it years ago, but last i knew Windows only dealt with FAT and NTFS partitions, like Android only deals with FAT partitions.

Anyway, this is what backups are for. Stash a backup on an sdcard, stuff it in your wallet, and worry a little less is what i do, i keep a full backup of all my linux partitions on an sdcard in my blackberry and have access to the first (FAT32) partition from the phone, have the same data on the same partitions on another copy in my wallet, two copies on my xps13, tar files of my current development projects on google-drive, etc ad-nauseum.

Windows can only, at worst, destroy the contents of your data device, or broadcast your secrets to the world… since i trust Windows about as much as i trust iOS, i encrypt the secret-stuff and don’t even put the really secret stuff on any of my systems.

You’ve said it works from a usb-stick, linux doesn’t care from usb-stick or an SSD in a separate enclosure, it just does devices. I’d say try it and reassure yourself that it’s okay, keep extra backups around (always) and then worry less + enjoy more. fwiw.

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Yep. Best advice ever. Will back-up and then try.
It’s like ‘stay away from the kitchen and enjoy the meal’ :blush:
Or like driving, i.e. keep your eyes on the road
with all that goes on, one looses perspective sometimes…