Possibly missing something obvious

After reading about the controversy related to the Brisk menu I thought I’d better investigate. I installed 18 beta and updated in virtual box on 2 separate machines. I’m unable to activate the Brisk menu on either. I tried cntrl f10 and the “windows” key.

I’d appreciate some guidance about how to activate and test Brisk Menu

I also did a fresh install in vBox and the windows key will bring up the brisk menu.

However on a existing install I added the brisk menu and the windows key will not work on it.

Hi @pfeiffep,

have you tried messing around with Mate Tweak?, the default is called "Familar" now, try changing the desktop then change it back again:


See also:

New default layout in Ubuntu MATE 18.04 :smiley:

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I found that after updating beta1 install it still showed traditional layout, but in MATE tweak it said that Familiar is chosen, so I just change it to Traditional and then back to Familiar and Super key worked.

I did find it strange that Places menu changed from Beta1

to latest Daily image that has same Places that 16.04 which I have on PC now, I was hoping that we will get that Places menu from Beta 1 preinstalled but I guess not.

Hi ele,

try changing to a different layout and then back again to Familar, that might work?. We must not forget that this is still Beta1. :thumbsup:

Your right wolfman. Using mate tweak to change it and the windows key works.

Thanks @wolfman, Yes I tried using tweak- possibly I didn’t use the correct sequence.
Is Brisk available in Familiar? Does Brisk require a reboot to enact?

Hi Peter,

I would at least log out and back in, I don’t think it requires a reboot as normally the change is instant?. :smiley:

Brisk is a part of “Familiar” and is the default menu of that theme. :smiley:

Vielen Dank mein Freund
The logout login sequence provided the brisk menu ; possibly is required

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Bitteschön, immer wieder gern. :smiley:

You are welcome. :smiley: