Powermac G5 - No Sound - Troubleshoot - FIXED

New linux user, I appreciate your patience. I installed Ubuntu MATE 15.10 on a Powermac G5 I rescued and have no sound. Sound Preferences shows no devices in the Hardware tab, and shows Dummy Output in the Output tab. The volume is up, sound is not muted. I found some discussions in various forums, however the fixes referred to older versions. I’d like to get this right, can someone more experienced point me in the right direction?

Ok so in the intervening time, I managed to find a fix for this by following the discussion HERE. Hopefully this can help another Power Mac user along the way.

The specific part of the discussion that nailed down the issue is as follows:

This hw-detect bug can be overcome by just removing the blacklist file

sudo rm /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.local.conf


Some users will also have to add snd-aoa-i2sbus to /etc/modules (this is like modprobing the module on startup) AND also remove the snd-powermac line.

Following that change, it could now see the hardware. I had to then mess with the volume settings using alsamixer to get sound, particularly the PCM volume.

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