PowerPC support is being dropped in Debian in the near future

When upstream drops PPCsupport, ubuntu will follow soon?
And just last week I did a new install on my aging ibook from 12.04 to Jessie. So sad…
To be honest, the “upgrade” was not a smart move. Jessie (Mate- desktop) is considerably slower than Lubuntu 12.04 on this machine. On a computer this old every performance hit is bitter, but since 12.04 drops support end of 2018 it was about time to switch. Ubuntu MATE was out of the question because this particular machine cannot read DVDs reliably, so I had to use a small netinstall iso that fit on a CD. Also I really wanted to try out Debian for a change (most of my other machines are running Ubuntu MATE). The Debian experience was a lot rougher around the edges, a lot less polished. I had to install a lot of the usual system apps manually. Apart from that, the all of the hardware was detected properly out of the box- even the ATI GPU. If memory serves me right this was a mayor headache in 12.04. Debian Jessie could very well be my last install of an OS on a PPC machine. :frowning:

Will PPC be draged onto the next LTS release of Ubuntu? Any insights?

Cheers to vintage computing, Christian

Hi @zenfunk,

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Yep, it’s a tad bit “sad” that Debian is dropping PPC, when there are new folks coming to PPC via the AmigaOne machines. Just to say that I have Lubuntu 16.04 installed on my 933MHz iBook with 646MB RAM . . . install went well, runs “OK” . . . I think there isn’t enough RAM to do stuff on the web, so the fan blows very loudly . . . otherwise the system is fine. And I have U-MATE 16.04 installed on an 00 Powermac with 1.2 GHz cpu & maxed at 2 GB RAM . . . runs better than the iBook. But, these systems will likely be the “last” upgrades for those otherwise running fine machines . . . Debian be damned . . . as well as the rest of the PPC non-believers. : - ))))