PPC HFS+ partition accessible from both ubuntu & OS X?

Hello community

I made a fresh install of ubuntu Mate on my G5 PPC parallel to OS X 10.5.8 for which I carbon copied the existing OS X installation to a new bigger harddisk, reduced the respective partition to a smaller size and let the ubuntu MATE installer do the rest as recommended.

I want to further use the OS X installation on the G5 for creative apps and the storage of pictures. I wonder if it is possible / makes sense to set up another HFS+ partition which could be accessed from both OS X and ubuntu Mate on the same box. How should that be done?

And would such an approach make sense altogether?
Prior to this installation of ubuntu Mate on the G5 I could easily access data on the Mac from a x86 PC running another Linux distro over the home network using SMB and the according settings of the fire wall although there were several issues in this setup

  • drag & drop from Linux to OS X using two file manager windows on the Linux machine did not work
  • cut & paste from Linux to OS X sometimes leads to a loss of the respective file(s)
  • copy & paste from Linux to OS X worked well
  • but occasionally new folders with cryptic names show up in the file manager window on Linux but not on the Mac

pls advise

Accessing an HFS+ partition from Linux is tricky. You usually end up making the partition unreadable by OS X.

It might be easier to use OSXFuse to mount a Linux ext4 partition.

In case of the /Pictures folder I want to get out of the OS X-Partition access (to a new HFS+ partition) would be Read-Only. Shouldn t that be safe?

Do you consider OSXFuse solid? I saw some posts of people who am not happy with it.
What is the target group of it? I am rather fit with settung up and maintaining operating systems but I am not a programmer.