Preview Brisk Menu with Super key activation for Ubuntu MATE 16.10, 17.04 and 17.10 available for testing now!

Thanks to a community contribution from Victor Kareh we now have support for using the Super Key to active Brisk Menu. I’ve build a version of Brisk Menu that includes Victor’s patches in the Brisk Menu PPA for Ubuntu MATE 16.10 and newer.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:flexiondotorg/brisk-menu
sudo apt update
sudo apt install mate-applet-brisk-menu

Once installed add to any panel in the usual way or activate the Panthoen layout on 17.04 and newer.

By default the Brisk Menu hot-key is CTRL+F10, if you want to use the Super (Windows) key to activate Brisk Menu run the following from a terminal after installing Brisk.

gsettings set com.solus-project.brisk-menu hot-key 'Super_L'

This build is not an official release from Ikey Doherty at Solus so don’t report bugs upstream, this is a preview build to get some early feedback and testing :slight_smile:


Cool, I'm gonna start testing this as a replacement for Synapse.
Upgraded fine from PPA, had to deactivate a conflicting shortcut to get it to work though.

Can we report them here?
I have a couple of cosmetic/workflow items of feedback.


There needs to be some space left of the cursor.

Aslo: right after triggering with Super key, down arrow has no effect.
If you use up arrow you go to the end of the listed items, so if you use down arrow, I'd expect to start going through the listed items from the top down.

Searching for “Logout” does not find logout, and the MATE logo of the menu is very slightly cropped on top and bottom.

This ticks a lot of boxes. What it needs now is improved keyboard navigation.

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