Preview pictures using Gimp


Image viewer lets you open multiple pictures and easily look at them all.

Does Gimp have something similar?

I don’t want it opening up them to edit, just to view.



I don’t think Gimp will do that. It would be a bit like using a car to drive from the lounge to the kitchen. Possible, with some difficulty, I guess. But that’s not what it was built for. That’s where the lightweight image viewers come into their own.

Additionally, if you have an image open inside Mate Image Viewer, you simply need to go to the menu and choose “image/open with” and choose Gimp from the list.

I am happy to stand corrected, however, if someone knows something I don’t.


Yeah, I think @stevecook172001 is right, GIMP only has edit mode, since it’s an image editor. As far as I know there’s no slideshow view.


Ok. I will use eye of mate image viewer.


I found a windows prog that runs under wine. (Irfanview)

And it is free.

Its thumbnail view lets you view every picture in a selected directory.


Maybe it’s possible with with the Script-FU or GIMP-python, essentialy you would have to create an external script and run gimp with out the interface.

I used to play with that some time ago. Rotate images with GIMP using Caja's context menu

For image previews qiv is very fast. And it has a lot of command line options for scripting. qiv - Quick image viewer for X

There are lots of image viewers. mirage, nomacs, ristereto, feh…

Is irfanview free (as in freedom) or free (as gratis but closed source)?

  IrfanView graphic viewer

     Fast and compact ( just 3 MB )
     Freeware for non-commercial use

I will try qiv.


I have been using Iview with Ubuntu for many years. Small and powerful. No issues.


It is proprietary, not free software.

Richard Stallman - What is free software?


There are different definitions for free for Linux users and Windows users.

The author of Irfanview offers it free use for non-commercial use.

He charges nothing, so it is in fact free for personal use.

There is also abandonware, but that’s another subject. :slight_smile:

Mr. Stallman must be a Linux user.

Freeware is broken into many categories, which isn’t present in Windows freeware programs.


Gnu/Linux :slight_smile:


@fixit7 - honestly curious: what problem are you trying to solve that Eye of MATE doesn’t work for you? It has a thumbnail view that lets you see all the files in a directory, but maybe it doesn’t work how you expect? Is there something missing? Is this something that we should put in a feature request for it?

It would be good to get feedback of this sort to see if we can improve Eye of MATE! :slight_smile:


It does work and I use it.