Printer driver problem

Hello i have a Ricoh Sp 201n and i can’t find a driver for Ubuntu Mate.

Hi, can you confirm how you’ve connected your device? By USB or Ethernet cable?

A few drivers have been compiled on Build Systems for opensuse, it’s worth a look ;

I have through usb connection

This seems to be a tricky one, there’s a ddst driver on the main page for the SP201n but nothing else more specific.

The closest model that is fully supported is - it’s worth seeing if that driver works. Try connecting to the printer using an ethernet cable and use cups to pick up the driver.

Not working with this driver.I remember when i treid sp 204 and works out of the box.But driver i had in AUR repository (Manjaro distro was)

Try here: :smiley:

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The legendary @wolfman is back. :+1:


No.This driver doesn’t work.Only this when i had a Manjaro:

Don’t have your model printer so cannot help you further sorry!. :frowning:

Well, if it worked on Manjaro, there has to be a working driver somewhere that was packaged for the distro.

Have you checked the driver on GitHub and this bug report?

Sorry but i have no time for this.I found tempomary solution with virtualbox and xp windows.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to install (as long as you have the requirements), there’s just one file to copy and add the printer with it.

Maybe it won’t work or there are general issues with the driver (as it’s not really properly developed as it seems) but if it worked on Manjaro, it should be at the same level of functionalities on Ubuntu.

It’s worth taking a bit of time to try it IMO and if you need help, we can do this step by step.