Printing from Windows XP

Good day:
I have a windows XP machine connected to another one with Ubuntu 16.04, which has an HP-8600 printer connected to it. It took me a while, but I finally managed be able to print from the XP machine many months ago. However, by miskate I deleted the printer from the XP machine list of printers, and now when I install it again and try to access the printer I get the following message: “Access denied can not establish a connection”. I am able to access the ubuntu machine from the xp machine, I can even see the printer from the XP machine, I am able to install it, but then, I can not access it.
Anys suggetions?
Thank you

Did you enable samba on the 16.04? if you do, the printer will be shared by other systems on the network and hopefully XP will see it.

Thank you for your suggestion., I sure did, as I mentioned, the printer was working just fine, as a matter of fact, I have another xp machine connected to the network which is capable of accessing the printer. I think the problem is either with the driver or the way in which I am installing the printer from the xp machine. I even try accesing it using the static ip address of the ubuntu machine, and even though windows recognizes the printer and installs it, it gives me the “access denied” message.

On XP, your printer should show up as \ubuntu16\HP-8600

Can XP access \ubuntu16\ ? you should see the shared printer

Is XP and ubuntu16 on the same WORKGROUP ?

Yes, the printer shows up in the network, XP can acces Ubuntu, I see the printer, I install it, but I can’t access it.

Do you have guest ok = yes in the [printers] and [print$] sections of the /etc/samba/smb.conf?

Yes I do, I checked the whole smb.config file and everything is OK.