Printing over the network with a Ricoh MP C3003

For a friend, with a big printer that can accept requests wirelessly. Can anyone shed some light on how the wireless functionality can be purposed reconfigured?

I find printing over wifi a blessing in my home of 4 computers all of which have access to print from anywhere in the house.

If it's a standard wireless printer, it should just be as simple as opening Printers and discovering the printer on the network. Setting it up and installing the driver is the same as a local one. It may have a few different protocols.

It's a good idea to set a static IP for the printer (either on the unit or DHCP Reservation on the router) since the computer may not "find" the printer another day if the printer is assigned a different (dynamic) IP.

His response back:

Yes, I did find it. I can communicate with it, getting diagnostic reports back from it. Where it seems to hang is at the need for an account code, which for internal reasons I cannot shut off ( it cannot be off or on only for me- it is a global variable). I can enter a code in the printer subroutine, and the software says it sends the data, but nothing ever arrives at the other end...

Anything he can do about that or does he have to hardwire?