PRO REALTIME java issue?


I am a newbie on Ubuntu MATE.

I installed it on my new raspberry pi 4. I want to use it for trading, therefore I would like to run a software called prorealtime but it doesn't work because of a java thingy.

Can anyone help me out please ?

Thanks in advance and happy new year to everyone

Does the software run in a browser or is it an independent software program? Is it only offered as windows .exe or .msi. or are there a .deb or tarballs (to be unzipped)? You need to supply more info for others to help you. Your link give little information without signing up.

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Hello and thanks for taking the time to check my problem out.

Well, under windows, when you click on opening the app, it loads on another window (it works fine on windows :frowning:
Under Ubuntu Mate, you need to log in (it's free), then you click on a button and it opens icedtea ou javaws but nothing happens afterwards...

Please Help, I don't want to go back to windows

On windows you can launch it by an .exe or by java

On ubuntu, I guess it's only java

It should run on Linux if you meet the requirements (see screenshot below). I am guessing your raspberry pi 4 is not doing that. If it is you can send ProRealTime an email to help with the problem. Go to the Help and Support Page.