Problem adding online radio on Rhythmbox

I have been trying to add some radio sites so that my mom can listen to the radio on her laptop, which I’m going to put UM16.04.1 there :slight_smile: , but when I add it and try to play it I get the following error: “Your GStreamer installation is missing a plug-in.” Have the additional codecs from the Welcome program.

Was adding this site btw, don’t know if that is how you do it or if you need to search for the source.

Edit: I also did get “Rhythmbox requires to install plugins to play media files of the following type: text/html decoder”.

Hallo Cold

Have you tried "radiotray"? This might be an option for your mother.

Open synaptic and enter "radiotray" in the search field. Install it.

It comes with some streaming radio stations pre-installed. Some of these no longer work, you might want to tidy up there before passing it onto your mother. You can of course add new streams as you wish, all you need is the identity of the stream.

I have an icon (quick launcher) on the top of my desktop window.

It's one of my every day programs. :slight_smile:


See also:

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Thanks guys. :slight_smile: Going to be choosing radiotray since great little radio player didn’t even open for me after installing it for some reason.

As for Rhythmbox, I managed to fix it by installing the Ubuntu restricted extras:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

Googling around and this is some audio, video codecs and some microsoft fonts right? Are those the third party software tick you get when you first install Ubuntu Mate? Dont remember if I installed it on my VM.

If its not that, would it be possible to add it to the software boutique incase someone needs it?

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It's already in the Software Boutique! (Codecs pack). :thumbsup:

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Already had that one installed, and it still gave me that GS streamer plugins error.:confused: Well, I’ll chalk it up to my VM being weird.

Thanks for the info wolf. :slight_smile:

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Here’s another great resource: SHOUTcast

I only just discovered it myself. It’s a little involved getting stations added to your Rhythmbox, but it works.

  1. When you find a station you like, right-click on the download icon, then left-click on the Winamp (.pls) option and select “Save link as …”

  2. Open up the .pls file with a text editor and copy the http address.

  3. Open up Rhythmbox, click on Radio, and hit “Add” to add that link to your list of Rhythmbox radio stations.

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