Problem: Always suspending during boot and shutdown

Is anyone else here experiencing your computer going to suspend mode DURING booting up, like it shows splash screen for a few seconds, turns into suspend, then you have to use power button to awaken it from suspend so you can continue logging in?

And after pressing shutdown from GUI desktop, it enters suspend again, then I wake it up, press shutdown again (this time from a lockscreen) and only then does it shutdown.

If i should, how can I log this activity? Thanks in advance!

I’m running on a netbook, dualboot with Windows8.1 with Grub booting first. Battery was detected by ubuntuMATE as “may be broken” (low capacity 48%)

I’ve never experienced this on either my laptop or net-book. Not that I am doubting it has happened to you. Given the potential problem with your battery, if I was you I would first be inclined if possible, to get hold of a temporary replacement battery and test to see if the boot-up problem persists or goes away.

I could go that path, but I’d have to wait for my schedule to get lighter to scout for good batteries. I put my dmesg here:

The weird part starts here:

[   30.191201] PM: Syncing filesystems ... done.
[   30.506481] PM: Preparing system for mem sleep

and so on. :frowning:

I will upload the newer dmesg which includes the part where I tried to shutdown but got the suspend mode instead. Funny thing though, sudo poweroff works without error.

this question may help It mentions a workaround that helped me.