Problem installing latest version of Audacity

Hello everyone. I recently switched over to Ubuntu Mate and I'm very pleased. However, I'm having trouble getting the latest version of Audacity to install on my system.

The software boutique only has the old version. Same thing with synaptic package manager.

The other software installer called 'Software' lists the right version (3.3) of Audacity in the package description, but when I actually downloaded and installed it, it turns out that it was STILL the old version. How does this happen? I always thought that the newest available version of any program would show up as long as you keep repositories up-to-date.

The Audacity 3.3 Appimage works, but I'm trying to install Audacity into the file system so that I can manipulate the plugins and custom theme files.

Can anyone help with this? Thank you!

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Welcome @tomfoolery to the community!

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As I see on website the option is for Linux an Appimage. Under legacy usually in repository. Seems to be trend for instance Gimp is fairly current in repository and option on Gimp is Flatpak. Probably has to do with maintaining for different systems. Possibly you might look into this or something similar (appimage integration) as I don't fully understand it

The point of LTS version is stability over a long period of time and may not have the latest and greatest. Think when newer version added it is confirmed or checked by someone, big process with limited personnel for all the software out there.


Thank you for the speedy reply, Mendy! That makes sense. I did install the LTS version of Ubuntu without fully understanding what that means. In fact, your answer clears up some other frustrations that I've had since I switched over to Linux.

Today I learned more about AppImages and the difference between LTS and non-LTS. Last question: What does 'legacy' mean in this context?


Basically just older versions. I'm actually on the repository Audacity version but just use for very basic purposes, not using a fraction of it's capability.


Got it now. Thank you again :slight_smile: Yes, Audacity is awesome. I've been learning audio editing so that I can get online gigs. There's so much that you can do with it. Hope you're having a great day.