Problem navigating applets/ change behavior of applets

Hey all,

New user here. I'm having difficulty navigating the applets (are they called that?) of my top panel.

If i click for example the bluetooth applet it expands into a nice easy to navigate list showing all options.

However if I open my notifications applet I get a small "scrollable" list, not showing all options but the opportunity to scroll through the options.
Screenshot at 2021-11-21 10-43-15

The thing is I am not able to scroll down the list or press the up-and-down buttons to display all the options. I would really like for it to not be scrollable but to show a full list of all options, as it does in the bluetooth applet. If that is not possible, I would at least like to be able to scroll down the list.

On this note of changing the behavior and look,of the desktop space, how far can you go with it? I am quite particular with the way I'd like the desktop to look and behave. And even though I like most things about the Mate desktop there are some things I'd like adjust. How would i go about that? Or do I just have to find a distro/flavour that fits my taste the most?

Appreciate all answers and tips of literature that would help me understand and navigate Linux and Ubuntu! :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Seems i can only input one screenshot, leaving the one of the odd scroll list.

Are you running Ubuntu or Ubuntu-MATE ?
Which version are you running ?

Ubuntu Mate 1.24.1.
Kernel Linux 5.11.0-38-generic x86_64
Release 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo) 64-bit.

It would be a good idea to upgrade to 21.10 since the interim releases like 21.04 (and 21.10) are only supported for 9 months. You probably have about 1.5 months support remaining. The Long Term Support release is around the corner in April 2022 (22.04 LTS). It is possible your issues have been fixed in the current release 21.10. The reason I mention this is I don’t want you to spend a lot of time fixing something you may need to upgrade soon anyway with the fix possibly in the upgrade itself. Hope that makes sense. Best of luck and take care. :v:t3:

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