Problem sharing archives and folders

Hi. I am using ubuntu mate 23.04 on 2 computers and I am not able to use samba correctly. I think I have installed everything, but I am not sure. Also, in shared folders I have the anonymous option checked and in preferences-internet and network-file sharing, I have the option don't ask for password checked. I have also opened the firewall with the default samba option. See, all the shared folders are visible. The problem is when I try to access. It takes a long time and at the end it says that the time limit has expired. I have looked up how to edit the samba.conf file and I see that it is in two different folders (etc and user). I have also seen that they refer to samba server and I don't know if this is what I need (I just want to share files between 2 computers in my house). I have not changed in any of them "interface names are normally preferred
; interfaces = eth0" because I don't know if I should. In all the items I have seen I have checked yes allow guest. I have also noticed that when I go to the network tab, there are the 2 computers and a windows option (which I don't use), but when I open one of the ubuntu mate, in the description it says "windows shares on -whatever computer-".
Can you help me, is there any other simpler program with a graphical interface to share files?
Thank you.
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I would use SSH server if all you want to do is share files between 2 computers on a home lan. Download, install and start the service on each computer. Log in to the other computer through caja.

I think you can just set up a bookmark. Any way, you can use the other computer like an external drive through caja.

Works like a charm. That would be my suggestion.


Both pc, 23.04. I assume both of them have workgroup WORKGROUP. In one pc, lets call it server, you edit the /etc/samba/smb.conf and add to the bottom:

  path = /mnt/anna
  writable = yes
  guest ok = yes

create location, sudo mkdir /mnt/anna

change permissions, sudo chmod 777 -R /mnt/anna

restart samba (or reboot).

From the other pc, File Manager, Network, you should be able to see the "[share]" and connect to it anonymous and read/write in that dir.


For mdd12: I'm sorry, it doesn't work on my lan, and I don't know why...
For pavlos_kairis: I don't know what I'm doing wrong either

Anna, both pc are on the same subnet ( I tested what I wrote, I configured my laptop (hostname XPS) to have samba, added the share, created the location /mnt/anna, set permissions, and placed files there. Rebooted laptop.

On my other pc, I clicked on Network, saw XPS, clicked on it, it showed the share, clicked on it, popped the anonymous access window, and I was able to read/write in there.

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Thank Pavlos, but I don't know what is happening. Both pc are on the same subnet, right. Both see themself but I'm not able to read or write.
Since time, I'm thinking prove KDE, perhaps it's time to do it.
Best regards.

Not being able to read/write implies permissions. Can you show me how you configured the samba share, the dir it goes to, and the permissions? changing to KDE would not change anything.


Thank you very much for your help, but (I don't know how...) in kubuntu it works... perhaps because it's a clean installation...
Best regards.