Problem when installing Maya 2017 in Ubuntu Mate 18.04 LTS

I have come across a problem when installing Maya 2017 by following this Guide

Everything was fine until I try to run it, then it give me this error.

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I need to use Maya because of School. Hopefully, someone who have install Maya before can help me out.

As you could almost build a skyscraper by stacking all those hoops you have to jump through in that guide I’d maybe consider a secondary Linux installation on an external USB drive of a distribution that Maya natively supports.

Btw. if I read that guide correctly you download a TGZ that contains RPMs that do not actually contain Maya proper but merely the installer for Maya which you then run after installing the RPMs to actually install the thing … someone really went out of their way to make this as complicated as possible, even on a natively supported distribution.

Thank you for reply. Yeah, it seem in that the case I have to install Fedora( which I have already install in my second computer) or Cent OS. Hopefully, It will work at that one.

But if all else fails, I guess I have to install Windows( in my second computer.)