Problem with Brother printer not scanning

I'm on UbuntuMate 21 - not yet gone to 22.
I have a Brother wireless printer (DCP-J315W) installed some years ago, printing with no problems, except I discovered recently that it would no longer be found as a scanner using the simple-scan 'feature'. I suspect it was something to do with networking in updates.
The driver software on the Brother website is the version I originally installed, and the print feature works from all the other machines on my local network.
I don't have the option of plugging the printer as it only offers wireless connection.
Does anyone have any idea how to get it working - is it a matter of ports used which are no longer open, possibly?

Hello dandnsmith

Use Synaptic to install the following package: "libusb-0.1-4"

Reboot, just to be on the safe side. :slightly_smiling_face:

Source: [Drucken mit Brother DCP-J315W via USB unter Leap 15.1 (64bit) - Hardware & Treiber - Community Hilfe - Download Software - Tipps und Tricks]

Did that help?

I tried that - it reported that that was the version already installed. Rebooted, tried simple scan - reported 'no scanners found'.

try installing Xsane. I had the same issue, so I installed Xsane, used it once then Simple Scan started finding the scanner.

I'll give it a go, and report back. Thanks

I installed xsane - but ran into a problem of how to use. Found too many pages, but mostly relating to wired connection rather than helping with wireless.

Hello again dandnsmith

Your printer model does have a USB-connection (it is not on the outside of the printer though) according to product reviews from 2011 found on the internet.
Have you tried using it connected via USB? :thinking:

USB is (most probably) for memory devices holding pictures. I would need UTP for ethernet - which it definitely doesn't have

Hello dandnsmith

Please consult:
[1] user manual diagrams showing how to install the USB cable

[2] youtube showing where USB cable goes

You can connect your printer to a computer via a permanent USB cable connection. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for those links. Since my last post, but before reading yours, I found the bits in the users guide on connecting to computer via USB.
What I don't know is what I needed to install in Ubuntu to drive it - I'll have to look further for help on that. Possibly I just need to connect and see if I have it available as a printer - I'm a little chary of doing that as the printer is used via several machines over the local network, and everything here is somewhat in a mess as I prepare to move house.
I'll post again when I have more info.