Problem with Password Reset on this Forum

I have attempted to change my password on 24th May and again today. It seems there is a problem with sending a mail with password reset link.
The email never arrives to my Protonmail account, so I'm suggesting you to look into your logs, because this issue might as well affect some other users.

I had a similar issue. I finally had to change my e-mail to one of the mainstream email domains before regaining full control of my account; gmail to be specific.

From searching for 2022 email services the results show Proton in the multiple search results. Would seem that if OP initially joined with Proton (it worked) thus probably a setting somewhere. Possibly don't know if OP checked spam folder as filters may have sent it there. On Thunderbird and it was not showing new spam till I changed a setting. I'm on Yahoo mail with over 100 addresses and if one is spammed I just delete it and don't have to notify all others with a new email address. Not sure how message works in forum if it sends via forum email, not able to message myself to verify.

Yeah, I too use Proton for my login to this forum. (And for everything else I do, that is open-source related.) I don't have any problems. The only issues I've had are:

  • Oddly, I rarely get e-mailed when I get a notification on this forum. I checked my settings in my user control panel, but all the settings are as I'd expect. I suspect this issue is simply related to the fact that I am no longer a regular contributor to this community (I do most of my work on other pastures, and contribute mainly to the MATE Project at large).

  • Sometimes I fail to get e-mailed when I am forced by some sites (e.g. GitHub) to do two-factor authentication, and I have to ask for the e-mail to be re-sent once or twice in a row. However, I've never seen a problem regarding this Web site.

  • All too often, important (usually automated) messages from one Web site or another end up in my Spam folder. To make matters worse, Proton doesn't always tell me (or at least, it doesn't always make it obvious) that there's anything in my Spam folder. Only when I open my Spam folder explicitly do the "missing" messages appear. I once got a few Ubuntu MATE Community messages in my Spam folder, and was puzzled how they got there and how they got flagged as spam. I eventually figured out I had accidentally clicked on the "Move to Spam" button instead of the "Move to Trash" button after reading a particularly uninformative, routine notification from the Web site -- ever since that point, many subsequent messages from the Web site were marked as spam automatically. I solved the problem by tracking down the message I had accidentally marked as spam, as well as all the new "spam" messages, and marked all of them explicitely as "Not Spam".

That's all I can think of. Nine years ago, you could say that Proton was not well known yet, and so you can't expect messages to be delivered. Nowadays, though, Proton has become so mainstream that it's even the only e-mail provider explicitly listed on Down For Everyone Or Just Me ( Considering that list also contains names (under other categories) like Facebook, Barclays and Skype, that's pretty great recognition if you ask me!