Problem with printer

Hey guys,

so I just installed Ubuntu Mate and I’m trying to setup my printer so I could print from my laptop. I’ve installed HP device manager but it can’t find my printer and it says that it might be my ports that are blocked. They have send information to me so I could unblock them and allow services in the firewall but the instructions are not very clear. So I hope you guys could help me !

Thanks. (I’m sorry if my english suck, french is my primay language.)

Hi @ShaunTheSheep,

try this guide which might help you:

If your printer is on your network (direct connect via ethernet) you should be able to add a network printer and type in printer ip address.

Thank you very much ! I’m gonna try this.

Finally, I connected my printer to my router and I found it in the Control Center under Pinters.

Thanks for your help !