Problem with setting time at boot

Hey everyone,

as we all know the RPi 2 has no hardware clock and because of that it has to synchronize the time at every boot. This worked well with Ubuntu MATE 15.04 and was very fast.
But with Ubuntu MATE 15.10 it looks like there is a new mechanism saving the time to a file and reading that file again at boot.

And this is the problem. With UM 15.10 I have to wait a few minutes until the clock is synchronized, “ntpd -q -g” doesn’t do anything. Does anybody know how to fix that?


i have the same problem. It takes minutes until the date-time is correct.


Has nobody an idea? Could this be because of the fake-hwclock package?

UbuntuMATE 15.10 comes with “systemd” by default, and you can easily set the clock as described with the post UbuntuMATE 15.10 resetting date & time during boot without having a RTC chip.

Give it a try, it works using the described “2nd approach:wink: