Problem with startup check (m5dsum) and SystemBack

Hi, we have another problem with creating pendrives via Systemback 1.9.4. Once copied to the pendrive, as for Live, the m5dsum control on the files is started. Is there a way to be able to bypass it and not load it on the image to be created? What modules are involved? In general (personal opinion), since not all PCs and media are fast, what sense does it make at startup to make this control substantially time-consuming? Thanks.

Hi Labbing,

if you mean the disk check, press Ctrl + c and it will cancel the scan and continue booting. :grinning:

Thanks for the joke :smile:. The problem becomes important if the system does not start when the operating system compiled on the pendrive is started, after the check has been completed. It would be helpful to eliminate this check to save time and avoid further problems. I fear, from your answer, that this is impossible. It's true? Bye!

This is part of casper.

This from askubuntu maybe of some help to you:

Thank you very much!