Problems Installing Mate on a ADATA SSD in my Lenovo Thinkpad T420S

I have been a Linux user for three years, but I am interested in using Linux along with Windows.
Problems Installing Ubuntu Mate with an ADATA SSD in my Lenovo Thinkpad T420S. I have tried looking through the BIOS to see if the Computer will detect the SSD, and so far it is not being listed while trying to install Ubuntu Mate via a USB Stick. I am not sure what is the proper measure to get the Computers BIOS and to get Ubuntu Mate to recognize the ADATA SSD?

Do you have another system you can connect the hard drive too ??
I came from windows and when that happens the drive not initialized or not seated or etc etc …
With SSD always make sure your running the current updates for the drive… I you happen to have a portable hard case and another computer you can see more information… Sometimes formatting the drive can fix this issue

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Yes sir, I have a portable hard drive case and I have connected the SSD to my windows computer and had the drive initialized. Now the SSD can be seen by the Linux installation process, I have formatted the drive with the EXT4 file system and have the SSD partitioned with the root, home, and swap partitions. The swap is only 2GB in size.
Thank you so much for the help.