Problems installing printer, and getting regular time on clock

came to Mate from Ubuntu 14.04- had problems installing printer which cause much gnashing of teeth, but it was resolved. I thought the printer must just “know” what to do, since we were able to print the forms when we sold something on Ebay. however, Mate doesn’t recognize printer, but it does show me the driver. it just does not install it. I know that I have very slow DSL here. could that be the problem? what to do?
also, I would prefer to have regular time show in upper right hand corner, instead of military type time. ideas?
thank you very much.

I suggest visiting the MATE Welcome Screen especially the getting started option … you can access the screen from the System Menu

There are many options that are single click and might help your installation

Regarding the military time question … right click on the time and you should be presented with the ability to choose either 112 or 24 hours formats along with other options

Printer make and model?. :smiley:

Epson Stylus NX110 scanner-I am so sorry I have not replied to this sooner. Particularly since the problem resurfaced today.

somehow or other the problem got fixed. it’s working now!

Most likely thorough updating but it is fixed and that is the main point!. :smiley: