Problems on video and sound with youtube on chromium (RPI4)

Hi everybody,

I just installed ubuntu-mate 20.04 on my RPI4 B 4go.
Everything seems to be fine but i've got an issue on chromium. Youtube videos are lagging (video and sound).
All is ok on firefox so i think the problem comes from chromium but i don't know where.

Someone has encounter the same issue or have an idea on how to solve it ?

Thanks a lot for your help
Best regards

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Use the pulseaudio tsched=0 fix (just search for steps) and then also go to chrome://flags to force enable 'Override software rendering list', 'GPU rasterization', 'Out of process rasterization' and 'hardware accelerated video decode'.

This should make it work properly :slight_smile:

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Hi Eisneheim,

Thanks a lot for your help, seems to be good now.
For those who have the same issue, these are the steps i followed :

  1. Install swh-plugins
  2. Edit the /etc/pulse/ file with these lines :
    load-module module-ladspa-sink sink_name=compresseur plugin=dyson_compress_1403 label=dysonCompress control=-4,0.5,,4
    load-module module-alsa-sink device=hw:0,0 sink_name=alsa_out tsched=0
  3. Modify the flags in Chromium as said by Eisenheim
  4. Restart pulseaudio or your computer

It works for me.
Thanks a lot and have a good day