Problems With Libre Office & Libre Office Writer

In a couple of days now my Libre Office and Libre Office Writer has refused to work.

  • It starts, but quits after 4 secunds and then nothing…
    The only way to make it run is that I have copyed the launcher to the desktop.
    From hear I open it by right clicking the launcher and open as administrator.
    Now I can open old .odt files and create new ones from a fresh textfile.
    The only thing now is that they all get marked with the padlock and the fouther permissions is only root given.

The only thing I have done to try to fix this is that I have reinstalled, removed and installed the program and also given my computer it`s updates and reboots, the holw Chu-Bang. Both normal and through Grub.
For this I have used program as “Ubuntu Software Manager”, the “Software” given through the “Welcome Screen” and the “Synaptic Packeage Manager”.

Dose any of you know about this issue and dose any one have any clever commands I can use.


  • Why is my posts “Topic” light-grey were its shown in “Support & Help Requests” and WHY & HOW did it become a WIKI ???


Hi SpacePunk,

open a terminal and type


This will open libreoffice and output some info in the terminal. Should give you an idea of whats happening.

I just did that and got this in return:

  • What to do about this I actually cant understand......
    Could you help me with this @antechdesigns ???


Not sure to be honest, to me it looks like an openGL issue (graphics drivers)
Or maybe a corrupt theme, try changing your theme and test the libreoffice output again.


I RELY don’t hope your right with the “Graphic Drivers”.
My Card and Drivers has been a “Serious Pain” for me in 3 years now.
You see, I have three monitors and a Nvidia card. This has been a not “Over-Coming Issue” for Ubuntu it self and it just got worse when I was there. Now I am on Mate and finally every thing is working.
I posted a “Topic” about the issue in “Support & Help Requests” some months ago “Sevral MONITORS in Ubuntu-MATE 16.04”. :worried:
I have how ever made a “Calibration Theme” through DisplayCal but this is not a valid one. Because I haven’t got around to rely understand on how to do the Calibration. :confused:

Hallooooo :worried:...... is there any one out there ????
I am REALY HOPING that some one from the top of this MATE FORUM would take a look at this issue of mine ??
ALL RESPECT to @antechdesigns and his involvement, but I realy need an second opinion on this.
Can any one tell me what the information I got in my terminal after I did the "libreoffice" command means ???

  • SO until then I am waiting concerned and :worried:......