Problems with Ubuntu MATE 18.04

So I decided to install Ubuntu MATE onto my laptop because I love how the Munity panel layout. I check the Minimal install so I can download my own programs. I started to love Ubuntu MATE till I switch to the Munity panel layout got everything setup and I had to restart my computer so I decide to restart. Then I notice on the top panel it clone all the panel apps so I decided to delete the cloned panel apps and it’ll just delete the whole thing so then I have to re-add it on there. There are some times I’ll notice the panel on the left the menu button will sometime disappear so I have to re-add that also. I haven’t check some panel layouts if the problem is just the Munity because I download Ubuntu MATE just for Munity.

Is there a fix to this bug or do I have to wait till Ubuntu MATE makes an update to fix it. I been getting a lot of bug reports and I been sending them to Ubuntu MATE.

Heres what I’m talking about:

I saw the same issue after a fresh 18.04 install, when I chose the Mutiny layout and tried to adjust it.
I have to install dconf-editor and remove the duplicates from the list by hand (from: org + mate + panel + general + object-id-list ) to correct it because trying to delete and re-add the controls only makes the things worse.


How do you remove duplicates in dconf-editor, I’m new to dconf-editor. Here’s what I’m seeing:

Do I delete the custom value?

Edit the text in “Custom value”, removing the duplicates.
For example, in your image you have two 'windowbuttonsapplet'.

I now have:
['windowbuttonsapplet', 'appmenuapplet', 'notification-area', 'indicatorappletcomplete', 'clock', 'shutdown', 'dockapplet', 'trashapplet', 'object-0', 'object-1', 'object-2', 'object-3']

Then reboot.

Hey thank you, it works, I was going to stick with Mac look but till you helped me thank. I’m a Linux YouTuber and I might be making a video about this some day:blush:

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