Problems with VPN turned on


I've just upgraded to 22-04 LTS and whenever I turn on a VPN I run into a bunch of problems.

CAJA won't launch just get a spinner with "starting home folder" which then goes but nothing opens.

If I try and save a file, the file browser opens ok and I can navigate to network shares but it won't allow me to save there, only locally.

Even things like the "About this computer" applet won't open.

When I turn the VPN back off after a short while CAJA will finally open my home folder and things seem to go back to normal.

This didn't happen in the previous version.
Happens with multiple VPN providers/connections.
The VPN itself works fine and I can access sites and resources that are only available with it on.

Any ideas?



How did you install your VPN ? From the config vpn file with the inernal menu of Ubuntu or from the proprietary application of the vpn supplier ?