Program not rsponding to reboot or shutdown

On system reboot or shutdown get the following alert?

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Some programs have the power to hold up the shutdown sequence.
I’m not sure how that setting can be turned off.

The shutdown dialog there, in my experience picking “shutdown anyway” and “reboot anyway” doesn’t do anything.
Anyone can confirm?
I’m pretty sure this is not a new issue. I remember instances of this happening under 14.04 vanilla Ubuntu with gnome-session-fallback, as well as with Ubuntu MATE 14.04

If someone has a solution for this I’d be interested to know too.


Got a work-a-round :slight_smile:

Or you can just kill the process before you shutdown with the System Monitor>Processes


Good afternoon, I have the same problem and have to wait until the system is shut off or disconnected.
It does not always, nor let me upgrade from updater software.

But I fix the upgrade by going to Software Boutique, update source list and then update installed packages.


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Hi Guys, upgrading to 1.14 desktop Mate, I solved the problem,

it is curious that I have AMD processor and had that problem, my daughters have in their computers with INTEL and no problem.

update guys …