Proposed removal of FAQ from main website and creation of separate Roadmap instead

When you click on About on the main website and scroll down to the bottom you’ll find a small FAQ section. I suggest to delete it for several reasons:

  1. What is written there is so basic that it can be more elegantly included on the About page. This makes essential information immediately accessible and saves a potential reader time.
  2. FAQs are a thing of the past. Short ones are superfluous, long ones resemble a Wiki without the advantages of a Wiki (no editing).
  3. As FAQs cannot be edited they are not integrated in the community. Maintaining them is difficult and keeping them up to date is troublesome.

The best part of the FAQ is the last entry regarding the Ubuntu MATE Roadmap. Roadmaps communicate development plans discussed in the forums to the outside and reveal ideas and plans developers are discussing, thereby reflecting the vibrancy of the project to current and potential new users. This is exciting information for everyone who is interested in installing Ubuntu MATE or who simply wants to get a quick overview without meticulously reading through the forum. I think a roadmap deserves to stand on its own, perhaps even as an entry in the main menu. What do you think?

Sorry @maro but I disagree; I think FAQ’s in general are very important and have helped me more times than I can count!. :thumbsdown: