PRTSCR habits (or what's your favorite screen capture tool?)

Corporate has made me use and enjoy SnagIt which gives the user much control over the area we wish to focus on alongside adding lines, arrows and rounds.

I have checked what seemed to be the quite promising shutter but it too feels too rigid.

By "too" I imply that it goes hand to hand with the current Save Screenshot in place since the Dawn of Time.

So I have to ask you, oh dear Community, what is your favorite screen capture tool when it comes for Ubuntu MATE and why?

Bonus mission: it takes over as default when pressing PRTSCR.

The default: mate-screenshot
for a select part of the screen: mate-screenshot --interactive
Adding arrows etc.: gimp

Where can I find "snagit" ? :slight_smile:

EDIT: Nevermind,
Both flameshot and ksnip are stunning (thanks @ricmarques + @alpinejohn)
ksnip fits my workflow 100%


Hi, @DLS (Daniel LaSalle) :slight_smile:

When I want to take more "advanced" screenshots, I use "Flameshot":

In my case, I use the so called "Snappy Edition" of Flameshot (snap version of Flameshot):

Why do I use Flameshot? Because of its features, as explained in that "Install Flameshot on Linux | Snap Store" web page:

" (...) A powerful open source screenshot and annotation tool for Linux, Flameshot has a varied set of markup tools available, which include Freehand drawing, Lines, Arrows, Boxes, Circles, Highlighting, Blur. Additionally, you can customise the color, size and/or thickness of many of these image annotation tools. (...)"

Here's an animated GIF that is also in that same web page and that displays the features of Flameshot in use:

I hope this reply of mine is useful :slight_smile:


Hello DLS

I use ksnip:



Thanks a lot for all of your input.

The crown has got to go to @ricmarques as this seems to equal or superior to SnagIt which nails it for me.

However I must admit that I'll also be keeping an eye out on ksnip.

I guess my final question is how does one makes it the default by pressing PRTSCR? I understand of Keyboard shortcuts but nothing in it points to remapping this key.

Also @tkn I understand you wanted to give me a direction in you first reply perhaps but I haven't understood fully. Are those switches to enhance the mate-screenshot experience? Or did it have anything to do on how to incorporate it better?



Here is what I use for Ksnip, just change names to match your tool

Control Center / Hardware / Keyboard Shortcuts / Desktop / Take a screenshot Double click on shortcut and use backspace key to disable
Click +Add button and create custom shortcut named Ksnip Screenshot and for Command assign /home/mendy/ksnip-1.8.0-continuous-x86_64.AppImage
Press PrtScr key in Shortcut column to assign ksnip to Print Screen


They allow you to set different options for the screenshot launchers or keyboard shortcuts based on your needs. The above Flameshot and Ksnip have similar switches (just different names). Should give them a try as they allow you to annotate your screenshot without having to use something like Inkscape or Gimp or other graphics program with greater ease.
Below you can follow image and the help screen will show the various options (switches) for that tool which will help in understanding them in other tools.


Flameshot meets my workflow to 100% in on single app.
Take a screenshot of a portion of the screen, annotate it and upload it to the web for sharing in fora. Of course instead of uploading, saving or putting it in the clipboard are provided as well.


Are those switches to enhance the mate-screenshot experience?

Yes, mate-screenshot --interactive will start mate-screenshot as if you started it from the menu instead of hitting the printscreen button. The menu version has more options.


I find it easiest to just use Print Screen or Alt Print Screen and edit that. I am looking for something better. Looking for one that will always allow me to custom select the region to be captured, preferably with a keyboard shortcut to invoke said screenshot application.

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I found mate-screenshot --interactive. Added shortcut to it Super + Spacebar. Cool!


I just discovered (after digging through dconf) that [space]+[PrtSc] is the standard hotkey combo for custom selection a region and capture that. (How could I've ever missed that.)

[email protected] 11 00:52CET: this is not correct, it won't work without an extra tool


for me that just still does full desktop?

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My sincerest apologies, you are right, my mistake:
:man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:
I had ksnip running in the systemtray

I'll correct my post.
Thanks for the doublecheck :+1:
You were definitely a bit more clear of mind than I was :smile: