PulseAudio Driver Update No Good

One of my recent 16.04 updates was the PulseAudio drivers. Ever since not all audio plays well. Some web videos the audio is deep and garbled. MP3s are somewhat tinny in sound. Before I do a system restore to get my old drivers back, are there any recommendations to resolve the issues or at least revert to previous drivers?

It is possible you may have user settings from previous version of Pulseaudio that didn’t get updated for new version

Find user settings folder ~/.config/pulse/
folder should contain 6 files starting with a 32 digit hex id number
Delete these 6 files and reboot pc
Pulseaudio will create new configuration files when it restarts


Hi jaybo,

what are your software settings like?:


@wolfman All settings were set to default. Nothing was ever changed since original 16.04 installation.

@nikgnomic That seemed to do the trick. Thanks.

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