Pulseaudio-equalizer-ladspa 3.0.2: Who wants to help?

Between me and another user, I have a functional script to build the programme, but since I am so much a Debian packaging noob I have absolutely no damn idea what I am doing when it comes to arranging the files in a way which works after installation.

So here's the script, for whoever wants:

sudo apt update
sleep 5
echo '=== Installing dependencies ==='
sudo apt install -y libglib2.0-dev-bin python3-pip git meson
sleep 3
echo '=== Configuring build dependencies ==='
sudo python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip setuptools wheel
echo '=== Pause for buffer write? ==='
# This was originally an arrangement of messages about waiting for things to "Cool". No idea if this was even necessary.
sleep 9
echo "=== Fetching programme source ==="
git clone https://github.com/pulseaudio-equalizer-ladspa/equalizer.git
echo '=== Making programme ==='
cd ./equalizer
sleep 1
meson build
sleep 4
cd ./build
sleep 4
sleep 4
ninja install
sleep 1
echo '=== Finished. ==='

Ideally you'd just enable all the Ubuntu repos in software-properties-gtk and source code before running that, don't forget to give it execute perms.

Far as the deps for the control file, it requires libglib2.0-bin, python3 (python2.7 can also be used) and swh-plugins. Meson and Ninja are just there to build it far as I am aware.

Script should work anywhere, but originally it assumed residence in $HOME so it might be best to put it there. Best of luck.