PysolFC (Cardset for 1920x1080 screen)



If anybody likes playing Pysol but finds the cards to small, here is a set that i've optimised for 1920x1080 screens.


Unzip to /home/user/.pysolfc/cardsets

Open Up Pysol and select Options/cardset/Xlarge cardsets/rexx/load.

Pysol can be made to look better than any other card game out there with very little effort.
I've made lots of extra cardsets, if enough people are interested i'll dump some in a zip file and upload.


@rexx Thank you for creating this cardset! We’re currently working on porting PySolFC to Python 3 and other improvements. Maybe you would like to join us?:




Looks wonderful but the links (for me) go to what are now malicious software sites (and I ignored that warning and tried anyhow).

If you could please re-upload the cardset (or even better) all that you have, then I would very appreciative. (Or if the link still works, please advise).



Last time i tried adding to this post it was rejected, i was informed that several members had reported it for being inappropriate content.

As for the links, i just tried and they have expired. They do not point to malicious sites.


Inappropriate content? Hmmm. Well bummer. Today, the links behave as you suggest (simply expired); when I tried before, my rather protective DNS service howled (I don’t know why it varies).

I did find some other “xlarge” sets (PySolFC-Cardsets-2.0.tar.bz2) and they are not yet satisfactory. Yours look comparatively great.

I tried out the Pysol “Cardset Maker”, but with zero instructions, the cards that I made are Frankensteins. If you could point to how to make the cardsets and/or where to find other xlarge sets (and believe me, I’ve looked), then it would be most appreciated. Perhaps, post yours elsewhere?

PysolFC is a great game implementation, but the non-scaleable, dated cardsets really hurt.



Large playing cards for Pysol you can find here.
Pysol Playing Cards
If you are still interested in how to make your own, i will try to explain later.