Python 2 is missing from 23.10

While using gimp , i noticed python 2 is missing.
Found now a workaround but its a shame that python is python2 had bern removed .
It would be very great for awn or gimp heal selection. Very sad it has been removed.

Python2 is is EOL, refer Sunsetting Python 2 |

We released Python 2.0 in 2000. We realized a few years later that we needed to make big changes to improve Python. So in 2006, we started Python 3.0. Many people did not upgrade, and we did not want to hurt them. So, for many years, we have kept improving and publishing both Python 2 and Python 3.
We did not want to hurt the people using Python 2. So, in 2008, we announced that we would sunset Python 2 in 2015, and asked people to upgrade before then. Some did, but many did not. So, in 2014, we extended that sunset till 2020.
The sunset date has now passed; it was January 1st, 2020.

End of Life software is a security risk, thus it's usually removed in both Debian & Ubuntu.


Its needed for the heal selection plugin of gimp. In the newest 2.99.x it should be ported but gimp gtk3 is slower than gtk2.
Curre tly im using the appimage overlayfs approach to use it. Seems very fast. Also the appimage with plugins versions of gimp are with python2. Its very bad that its removed before this addon has been updated in the gimp or before a working full themable dock is there. Plank isnt a full fledged alternative to awn. And cairo dock is too big and buggy.

Did you try the (native) PPA package for Gimp3? did not find it to be slow. Flatpak is indeed slower on older computers.