Qemu2.5 and 3D support in virtual GPU driver

Has anyone been able to get this function at all? I’m not finding any tutorials on how to install and use windows in a kvm situation where it can use the video cards gpu natively. Basically still need windows for games but that’s all I need it for. When kernel 4.4 was announced I had been waiting patiently for it’s release… but now that I have it installed… I can’t figure it out.

GTX 960
32GB ram


I don’t do it myself, have you checked their website out?:


I hope it helps. :smiley:

yeah no it has nothing to do with the qemu… it’s the other items that go with it. I guess I assumed too much when it was first announced with kernel 4.4 thinking it would have been straight forward. Nothing usually is with Linux

Do you have any older kernels you can boot into and does it work okay with those?. :smiley: