Quadro Fx 4500 - Power Mac G5 Quad


Hi everyone

I am trying to get my Mac flashed quadro 4500 to work on Ubuntu Mate 16 but once booted it is completely useless. Random Colors and artifacts all over. Does anyone know of a way to fix it so it works? The card works flawlessly in OS X 10.5.
Thank you!


Have a look through this thread where a few links are given to assist with this https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/7800gtx-fx4500-working-in-ubuntu-mate.2035433

Especially this part:

Nouveau driver has issues with MSI interrupts, use yaboot parameter

nouveau.config=NvMSI=0You can also add it to your /etc/yaboot.conf and update using sudo ybin -v (see the FAQ for more info)"


Basically I had to install initially with the original 6600 card, this worked well except for 2d/3d acceleration. I got these working with the MSI Interrupt above. Then after running updates I tried the 7800GTX/FX4500 and it worked except for a garbled login screen - when I enter the password it is all fine and corrects itself.

So I would try getting 2d/3d all working with your 6600, make sure your system is all up to date - and then try inserting the FX4500 and see what happens (if you get a garbled login screen just enter password, hit enter and see if it sorts itself going into the desktop.