Question about an Old Quadro

So I have a general question about an “new” quadro. By new I mean it’s new for me. It’s an old 2007 256mb Nvidia Quadro NVS 290, with DMS59 display output. My question is would this power Ubuntu MATE fine? It was a free gift from someone who found it still shrink wrapped at a garage sale, and I’m going to be powering one display (eventually two). I’m a little concerned about the 256mb of Memory, but as I don’t game too much anymore, I should be fine with that. I’m just concerned about it’s ability to actually draw the desktop.

Any input or experiences of your own would be great.

EDIT: My current specs include AMD A10-7700k APU, 16GB 1600mhz RAM, and 240 GB SSD for OS with 3x 1TB Storage Drives.

I would think so - powered Linux Mint Cinnamon with a 256 Mb graphics card for a couple of years (and Cinnamon MATE briefly) with a 2004 Pentium 4x2. Cinnamon uses more resources than MATE. Even Ubuntu Unity wasn’t tragic, although it would slow down searching from the main lens.

I suppose you could notice certain highest resolution videos stutter from time to time, but hey internet speed can cause that.

I’m running a GeForce 8500 GT 256MB with no issues. It’s about 6 months earlier than the Quadro NVS 290, but the specs are about the same based on a quick DDG.

Using the ‘recommended’ Nvidia driver from repo. I’ve never tried games …

Memory usage generally depends on a resolution, but anyway, for a single 1920x1080 screen 256MB card should certanly be more than enough ( even for compiz ). Although it might struggle a bit on dual head playing high-res video ( desktop should be just fine )…

Btw, since it is a G86 chip ( equivalent of GeForce 8400GS ), it should also accelerate video ( make sure to install nVidia driver and vdpau ). Info here & here (feature set A).

For a comparisson, on my GF 9600GT video memory usage is about 70/120 MBs on boot/normal usage, ~150-160 playing YT 1080p, and ~220 playing the same video in full screen.
That’s on a single 1920x1080 monitor, without compiz. :smiley: