Question about complete bootable os and all program copy in live ubuntu using dd

I am upgrading from a 1 tb sata hdd to a 2 tb pciexpress ssd. The old drive is using around 700 gig of space with windows 10 load and my games and programs etc. My plan is to boot to ubuntu live session and use dd command to copy the old drive exactly how the data is written on it to make the new drive bootable with all my stuff intact. From what i've read this will make a 1 tb partition on my new drive with the bootable o.s. and stuff and 300 gig free space which will actually have to be copied bit for bit too leaving the left over 1 tb needing to be partitioned and formatted. Does anyone see any issue arising from this? maybe know a better approach using a live ubuntu mate session or should I go ahead with my plan? many thanks for any insight! Going to actually install ubuntu mate on old drive once i accomplish the task at hand just that i have limited internet data where i live and redownloading everything i am trying to avoid and get this done as fast and clean as possible