Question about removing apps and features...?

Hey all, ....(I am a first timer as far as Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu Mate installation.)

"How do I go about uninstalling software from Ubuntu Mate?".. I don't know if Mate uses a software suite that has a list of installed applications tabbed inside it, or I have to use the terminal to uninstall apps. Never had to uninstall apps before... plus I want to make space on the sd card just incase.

Just as a side question... Would uninstalling apps now, get reinstalled if I did an OS update down the road? ...from 20.04 to the next future version. If it did, then uninstalling would be a mute point if every thing came back.

Thank you.

Hi and welcome,

You can uninstall some software from the Software boutique.
If the software you want to uninstall aren't in the software boutique, you can use the terminal or install synaptic package manager (available in the software boutique or sudo apt install -y synaptic in a terminal) if you want to manage your packages using a GUI tool.

The apps you uninstall shouldn't reappear when updating your current installation to a new release. However, a good thing to do is to keep track of what you install, uninstall, should you have to do it again in the future.

That's why people tinker with post install scripts. It just makes things so much faster.

Little tip if you're new: you can autocomplete names in the terminal using the tab key and uninstall several programs on the same line like this: sudo apt remove program1 program2 etc...

Have fun with Linux !

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