Question about the tty1-6 terminals

So I saw some forum threads on other websites that say that ctrl+alt+f1-6 will take you to a full screen terminal, and it does! But the same forums say that typically, tty1 is the X session and tty2 is the login screen. However, when I do that, the ubuntu mate version and hostname login shows up, and my X session is on tty7/ F7. Why is that and can I use tty1 and 2 without problem?

vt7 is the virtual terminal for X (ps faux | grep vt7).
you can use tty1-6 for console operations.


tty7 for X session had always been a thing for Ubuntu. I am not entirely sure about Debian proper or other Linux systems. You can do a whole variety of things in the terminal, and if you are looking to improve your text-only console experience you can use tmux to split the display into multiple partitions for different programs to be ran therein.

I would say you could also use this in fbterm for better results but I have been encountering issues with that. Despite that if you can unleash its full potential in a TTY then options for improving tmux with better fonts would be nearly endless.